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At Belenky, we know that both performance and beauty matters

We understand you need laundry equipment that can be as flexible as a yoga instructor yet effective as the toughest personal trainer while keeping your towels and other laundry looking like a million bucks. Without breaking a sweat, we can help you find the perfect washers and dryers that are easy for your staff to use, have the fastest cycle times in the industry, and can deliver soft towels, spotless uniforms pretty much any other you throw at it.

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Helping you with the right laundry equipment for your salon, spa and fitness center operations. UniMac® industrial laundry equipment delivers reliable and efficient laundry throughput for Belenky's salon, spa and fitness center customers throughout Ohio. Click here for more information on UniMac's UW Series High Performance Washer Extractors and UT Series Single Tumble Dryers (link to the UW and UT series brochures in the Belenky library) or submit a web inquiry to our sales team (insert link) for a quick follow-up.
Equipment not working correctly and need support quickly?! Belenky's parts and service teams are here when you need us most. We offer quick service and support, plus a large in-stock parts inventory to keep your operations running beautifully. We can also accommodate after hours and weekend service calls when needed. * Click here to contact Belenky's service department (insert link) or call (330) 867-3333. *Subject to technician availability.