Hospitality & Lodging

As a hotelier, we realize laundry, despite its importance, is one of the hundreds of things you’re responsible for. Belenky’s goal is to lighten that load! 

Our expert sales and service team is here to help your laundry staff and equipment be as efficient as possible, prevent downtime, reduce utility usage, help linens last longer and ensure your laundry meets your guests’ expectations. Simply put extreme reliability, fewer labor costs, less learning time, faster turnaround all too make that job less of a chore.

Helping you with the right laundry equipment for your hospitality operations.

Clean, crisp yet soft laundry is key to guest satisfaction. Our team can help you select and optimally use the right UniMac equipment for your property's needs – and even collaborate with your laundry chemical representative to create a linen experience your guests will love. 

UniMac® industrial laundry equipment delivers reliable and efficient laundry throughput for Belenky's hotel, motel, and other hospitality customers throughout Ohio. Durable construction and industry-leading innovations like UniLinc™ and OPTispray™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine.

For high-capacity on-premises laundries whose operation demands the best of the best, there’s no other choice than UniMac ® high-performance washer-extractors. Durable construction industry-leading efficiency with exclusive innovations like UniLinc ™ & OPTispray ™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine on the planet.

What our hospitality and lodging customers are saying about the Belenky Difference: 

"In February 2020, Aaron serviced our washer & dryer equipment. He was extremely efficient, professional polite and helpful - these are rare qualities. I was not expecting to have such a pleasant experience. but I did and now I am left with a very positive impression of your company.

Employees like Aaron are a company’s “secret weapon” and truly gives you an edge over your competition. These days, employers undervalue the impact their front-line employees make on the bottom line.

I am sure I speak for our company when I say we will definitely go out of our way to patronize any business where we are treated with so much respect and kindness, I am sure other people will too. I will definitely spread the word, both verbally and through social media about my experience with Belenky."

     -Sherry Cann

       Assistant General Manager

       Extended Stay America - Brooklyn, Ohio

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Equipment not working correctly, and you're at full occupancy?! Belenky's parts and service teams are here when you need us most. We know your business is open 24/7, and we offer quick service and support, plus a large in-stock parts inventory to keep your operations running around the clock. We can also accommodate after hours and weekend service calls when needed. Click here to contact Belenky's service department (insert link) or call (330) 867-3333.