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Belt 3VX350 Part M412090

Belt 3VX350 Part M412090

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This belt is a genuine new Alliance part (OEM Part). This belt is not an after-market part.

  • Also referred to as belt 3VX530, Cogged Belt, Notched Belt
  • Often written on the belt is R.S.P.C. M412090 EB
  • This belt is used on various types of dryers starting with the following prefixes: AT, ATB, CA, CHD, CT, CU, DC, DCB, DR, DTB, GA, GT, GU, HA, HT, HU, IPD, JC, JCB, JT, JTB, KA, KT, KU, LA, LT, LU, NT, PA, PT, PU, SA, SC, SCB, ST, STB, STF, SU, TKD, UA, UB, UT, UTF, UU, YT, YU.
  • One (1) year parts replacement warranty

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